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  • 19 Aug 2020 10:00 AM | Gretchen McCarthy (Administrator)

    Yulenda Timothy studies Strategic Communication at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She studied at Loyola University New Orleans in the fall of 2019. Read about her ISEP experience and the skills she developed abroad in her own words:


    Travelled to New York for the first time.

    From a young age, I have always been fascinated with the world. Be it from the people, the vast variety of food and flavours or even hearing different languages and seeing different cultures. I have always been one that shares with my friends and family the importance of expanding your borders and learning to become a better person every day. Being awarded an opportunity to participate in an ISEP Study Abroad program came at a time when I knew I was destined for change, and I was ready. Ready to take on a new challenge. Ready to explore the world, but most importantly, ready to find myself.

    Being put in a new city, new environment and new culture can be quite an overwhelming experience, but it was one that I would not change. For very long I always claimed I knew what independence was, but it was only when I had to do everything for myself and by myself that I saw what true independence meant. With true independence comes true responsibility. I had to look at myself and realise that study abroad was not only teaching me how to navigate university, but it was also granting me a life skill. It taught me how to be a responsible adult. This goes to show the expected and unexpected revelations which studying abroad exposes you to.

    The opportunity to look at modules I had been learning about from a completely different perspective was one of the most valuable skills from my entire experience. Allowing myself to see the world from various viewpoints is so important. To have a clear understanding of a diverse world, which has different voices and opinions is a skill I will not take for granted. Having advanced technology available to me on my campus allowed me to develop skills that I never would have been able to, if I hadn’t taken the leap to study abroad. The difference between many people reaching their full potential is access, and the access I received changed my life. This is one of the reasons I believe study abroad improved my life far beyond the classroom. These are skills I can now take into a professional environment and begin making a change in the world.

    Walking the streets of the historic Treme in New Orleans.

    One of the biggest takeaways I have from studying abroad is that you will learn just as much outside the classroom as you will inside it. There are simple experiences I had with locals in my city that impacted my life in many ways. Whether it be from a simple conversation at the bus stop to people you speak to while volunteering. Never take for granted the people that are put in your life by accident, or for a specific reason. As much as study abroad is for you to educate yourself it is also a chance to find yourself. Where you put yourself in your spare time can really make a difference in the person you become. Do not be afraid to be open, try new things, go to new places, speak to different people, make new friends and just live!

    You cannot grow if you are comfortable. It takes you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to be a better you. This is what studying abroad did for me. I knew that with studying abroad, I had to lose myself to find myself. It exposed me to the version of myself I always knew I would be and now, I am every day.

    Watching the Zulu Indian Tradition of New Orleans was one of the best experiences of my life.

  • 13 Dec 2019 2:28 PM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    Joseph Brenyah studied with ISEP on a program at University of in 2018 from his program at the University of Ghana in 2015. He just graduated with his PhD from the University of Ghana in the Social Work Program and we are extremely proud of what he’s accomplished. ISEP’s program in Ghana has been going strong for more than a decade and helps fund a PhD student’s in the United States.

    In his own words, here is what the ISEP program meant to him:

    "As a research centre student, i needed research skills to be able to move forward in my Ph.D. career.

    I was the leading student in the maiden Ph.D. course in social policy studies and so my department gave me the slot. ISEP’s program at the University of Ghana gave a slot to centre of social policy studies, University of Ghana to produce 1 brilliant student for sponsorship in 2017. Unfortunately ISEP could not get placement for me in fall so I had the opportunity in Spring at university of Wyoming, social work department from 17th january-31st may, 2018.  I was warmly welcomed and at Wyoming. Academic works were excellent, and the people have time to take international students through every step of what they are to do

    Orientation was very detailed. Lectures were very practical and interactive. Assignments were also very frequent and presentations were the order in each day. Residence life was good except the very chilly weather of which I became used to after some time. The University of Wyoming Chinery International house checked on our activities and helped us in our academic paths. Even though all activities were very tight, I still had some time to explore the Wyoming state and this was very enjoyable

    By the sponsorship of ISEP, I had travelled for the first time to USA. I have confidence in presentations. I have worked on my accents. I have developed team work skills. I have an added research skills especially in the area of qualitative analysis and moderate quantitative analysis. I have planned of establishing a research consultancy of which I have registered the company.

    I have met different people with different background and i adopted some good practices (diversity). Through ISEP, I have had a certificated course in sexual harassment at the University of Wyoming and so good knowledge of to the right way to interact with the opposite sex. I also had a Citi certificated research course and that has given me strong research ethical consideration skills

    At Wyoming, i have able to work on four (4) papers and I have been able to publish them in journals. I have almost finished with five (5) manuscripts out of my Ph.D. research

    Currently, am a health service administrator at Komfo Anokye teaching hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. I have lecturing experience at Dominion University and a nurse’s anesthetic training school in Ghana. I have developed interest in lecturing at the university and so i will want to be in academia. Currently, am always on the USA universities websites looking for post-doctoral opportunities and lectureship vacancies in social sciences. I will also be grateful to partner ISEP in any role so that ISEP can mobilize more resources to help others



    Long live Dr. Joseph Brenyah!

  • 6 Sep 2019 11:46 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    ISEP Alumni Association Member Simone Douglas has won the Linde Engineers of Tomorrow Scholarship! Simone studied in Ghana from NC A&T and she was a Google scholar. She also presented an ISEP Alumni Association webinar for engineers in study abroad!

    Congrats Simone!

  • 4 Sep 2019 5:08 PM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    This month we are profiling Kasey Johnson (2017-2018, ISEP Exchange Urbino from San Diego State). She conducted psychological research on her program and has been admitted to conduct graduate research at the University of Milan Statale. Here are some photos from her time abroad.

  • 20 Aug 2019 9:09 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    This Wednesday, August 21, we will have alumni events in both Melbourne, Australia and Washington, D.C. The scope shows the reach of the ISEP Alumni Association and precedes the official launch of the ISEP Alumni Portal. Now the portal will be your official point of entry for all your exclusive resources and your ISEP community. Look for new webinars, new podcasts, new stories, new chapters and new events in the coming year! And thank you to all alumni who participate.

  • 4 Jun 2019 11:28 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    ISEP Alumni from programs around the world spanning 15 years met up at ISEP's 40th Anniversary Reception at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. on May 28. They listened to remarks by Martha Bárcena Coqui on the importance of international education. They drank traditional palomas and ate a collection of foods from regions in Mexico where ISEP has member universities. Many were able to have conversations with diplomats, international educators and representatives of the US government. Look for more events in the coming year as ISEP celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

  • 27 May 2019 10:44 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    A warm welcome to Caylie on the ISEP Council of Advisers! She will be advising other ISEP students on study abroad in her position at ISEP member UMBC. She joins Sarah Barr, an established member. ISEP Alumni are leaders in International Education!

  • 16 May 2019 10:42 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    Are you an studying in the US? Are you still in school or a recent graduate? Are you looking for a PAID internship with incredible global companies? Do you want to live abroad again? Consider applying for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Internships. Positions range from marketing to coding at small companies to huge multinationals.

  • 9 May 2019 9:09 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)

    Our ISEP Alumni Association Korea Chapter had an incredible meetup to picnic and watch the Cherry Blossoms in April. Are you interested in starting a chapter or club near you? Email us any time!

  • 15 Apr 2019 9:00 AM | Michael Alijewicz (Administrator)
    ISEP is excited to announce the official opening of our new Alumni Portal. This will serve as a clearing house for our exclusive alumni resources, a member directory and a place to find all the exciting things our alumni are doing. Invite your fellow ISEP Alumni to join today!

    If you're looking for specific career advice or to post your resume, head over to our LinkedIn. If you want to see our expert advice from other alumni, check out our webinars or listen to our podcasts. Have a request? Contact ISEP at any time! We're here to make sure that you live like a local, wherever you go.

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