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Alumni News

  • 10 Feb 2023 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    Calling all ISEP alumni who also received a Gilman scholarship to study abroad.  If you received a Gilman scholarship, or any other U.S. Department of State scholarship, you are eligible to apply for the a small grant through the 2023 Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund (CDAF).  

    The CDAF awards up to $10,000 to carry out a public service project related to any of the following themes:

    • Strengthening Democratic Institutions & Fighting Disinformation
    • Protecting the Environment
    • Building Community Through Arts, Sports, Language, and Technology
    • Human Rights, Refugees, and Migrants
    • Fostering Alumni Network Development 

    Some of the benefits of participating in the CDAF include applying what you learned during your study abroad time, the opportunity to meet other study abroad alumni, and the chance to show your creative and leadership skills.  

    For more information, click here: 2023 Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund

    Deadline is Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

  • 6 Feb 2023 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    February 2023 Updates!

    Greetings ISEP community.  The Alumni Association has been busy relaunching in-person meetups and organizing events designed to reconnect with you and your interests based on your responses to our survey last fall.  Please see below for some highlights, as well as things to come.  You may click links under each header for more information.  We are always interested in hearing what’s going with you, and are happy to arrange 1x1 or group advising sessions on academic and career questions. 

    In-person events are in full swing!

    Thank you to everyone who ventured out to our in-person meetups in New York City in December, and in Bangkok, Thailand in January.  You can see highlights on the Alumni Association’s website.  Our next two meetups will happen in the Bay Area and Washington, DC.  Planning is also underway for events in London and Seoul, so stay tuned for more info on those!  If you are interested in helping to arrange an alumni event in your city, reply to this newsletter and we can discuss it with you.

    Upcoming webinar on Careers in International Education

    In case you missed it: Please join us on Wednesday, February 8th for a panel discussion with ISEP alumni currently working in the field of international education.  You may send questions for the panel in advance by replying to this newsletter.  Reminder for those who RSVP’d yes through email to also register through the included Zoom link to get the actual meeting invite.     

    Work & Study Options in France

    Are you interested in working or pursuing further study in France?  If so, check out our blog post, where we provide information on the popular Teaching Assistant Program (in English and other languages), as well as information on fully-funded master’s programs and other options!  

    Volunteer Opportunity Available with Mary’s Meals

    ISEP alumni looking for a volunteer opportunity can learn more about available opportunities at Mary’s Meals (kudos to ISEP alumna Daniela Locreille for the introduction).  Mary’s Meals is a global movement with a simple solution to world hunger: feed children where they learn to help break the cycle of poverty.  Click here to read the full feature about the organization.

    Alumni Features

    ISEP alumnus and board member Hernán Fratto was recently honored with three Emmy wins at the 64th Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards Gala.

    Read more here about this outstanding accomplishment.  

    ¡Felicidades, Hernán!

    Thank you, Said Ghneim, for sharing great pics of your travel throughout the states with us.  Check out more here

    Said participated in an ISEP exchange from Universität Bielefeld to Washington State University. 

    ISEP alum Petr Vrba, who studied on exchange from Masaryk University to the University of Kansas, recently completed an internship at the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations in New York City. 

    We wish you the best of luck as you embark on your next career path back home. 

    Take care for now, and be back in touch soon!

  • 30 Jan 2023 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)


    Feeding program at a school in Zambia. Photos courtesy of Mary’s Meals.

    ISEP Study Abroad and Mary’s Meals both believe education is the key to a better future. So, alumna Daniela Locreille suggested ISEP reach out to Mary’s Meals to contribute a piece about the work of this global charity that focuses on education by providing school meals to the world’s poorest children.

    Mary’s Meals is a global movement with a simple solution to world hunger: feed children where they learn to help break the cycle of poverty. The inspiration for Mary’s Meals came in 2002 when Founder and CEO, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow met a little boy who only wanted to have enough to eat and to be able to go to school.

    Now, 21 years later, Mary’s Meals establishes and coordinates school-feeding programs in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, where conflict, poverty and hunger often prevent children from gaining an education. By partnering with local communities to source, cook and serve food to school children, this locally-managed model is sustainable and invites everyone to be part of the solution to address hunger and missed education.

    Today, Mary’s Meals provides nutritious meals to 2,429,182 children every school day at 5,084 schools in 18 countries. Food brings children to the classroom, helps them to focus and learn and gain an education that can be their ladder out of poverty. Just $25.20 feeds a child for a year.

    We invite you to learn about Mary’s Meals, including available volunteer opportunities, at and follow them on Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter.

    Article credit: Written and submitted by Mary's Meals, January 2023.

  • 24 Jan 2023 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    ISEP Alumni gathered at the bustling Greyhound Café Emquartier in Bangkok to catch up and relive moments from their study abroad experiences.  ISEP intern Mai Kasemsawade noted that hearing everyone’s stories really re-energized her as she continues along on her own study abroad journey in the United States.  Another attendee was also inspired to look into study abroad options for herself! 

    There will be more in-person meetups planned for those who couldn’t make this one.  These events provide an alumni an opportunity to network and share stories of their experiences and time abroad.  Current and prospective ISEP students, supporters, as well as university and community partners are also welcome to attend.

    If you are interested in helping with an in person event in your city, please reach out so we can chat about it.  Cheers!

  • 22 Jan 2023 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    Careers in International Education Panel Discussion 

    February 8, 2023

    1:00 p.m. to 2:00p.m. (Eastern Time)

    Click here for Zoom Registration Link

    ISEP community,

    Are you are interested in pursuing a career in international education?  If so, we are pleased to invite you to a Zoom panel discussion featuring ISEP alumni currently working in the field.

    Among the topics that will be discussed include how study abroad prepares one for a job in international education, current trends in international education, some challenges of working in the field, and tips on how to enter the field.

    You are welcome to send in questions to the panelists in advance to Tavon Cooke, whose email is below, so that they may answer them during the event.  


    • Andrus Ashoo, Director of the Office of Citizen Scholar Development at the University of Virginia
    • Sarah Barr, Director of Global Engagement at Nebraska Wesleyan University 
    • Dondre Hess, Global Learning Advisor at Washington State University
    • Veronica Whittemore, Study Abroad Advisor at Washington University in St. Louis


    Zach Tobin, Director of Member Relations for the United States at ISEP

    Important: Click here to register for the event: ISEP Career Event.

    For questions, please contact Tavon Cooke at [email protected]

  • 6 Jan 2023 12:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    Given its rich history and culture, France is one of the most popular destinations for students seeking to study and for alumni looking to work.  Read on for more information about each.

    Opportunities for Work

    The Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) is a popular program that offers applicants the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. 

    TAPIF selects about 1500 U.S. citizens and permanent residents each year to teach in public schools across all regions of France and in its overseas territories including French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion. 

    Non-U.S. citizens whose native language is not English are also sought after through the larger Assistants de langue en France program, which recruits approximately 4,500 young educators from 68 countries to teach 15 languages annually in France. The Assistants de langue en France program is managed by France Éducation international.

    TAPIF also partners with French and US graduate schools to provide generous scholarships for alumni as they pursue related graduate study.

    Opportunities for Study

    Graduate Scholars in France program is also a great opportunity to highlight for all alumni as it extends to masters programs taught fully in English. There’s also a sub-scholarship offered by Université de Lyon outlined at the link below.

  • 3 Jan 2023 12:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce that ISEP will host two undergraduate Princeton University students, Mai Kasemsawade and Alan Plotz, for their Princeternship program from January 3rd to January 27, 2023. This program allows students to explore potential career fields of interest during the university’s winter break period. 

    Mai is a freshman at Princeton who plans to major in International and Public Affairs with a certificate in Finance. She is currently working as a communications intern for Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. She also previously interned at a Thai news agency. She is looking forward to learning more about international education at ISEP Study Abroad.

    Alan Plotz is sophomore at Princeton and is also planning to major in International and Public Affairs. He currently works as a research assistant for the Bridging Divides Initiative tracking political violence in New England. Alan is passionate about increasing access to study abroad, after studying in Tajikistan in 2019 with NSLI-Y, a state department program. He is eager to learn more about the functioning of an international education NGO. 

    Both Mai and Alan will be working with ISEP's alumni base throughout January to help them share their study abroad stories with the world.  

  • 19 Dec 2022 6:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    Photo Credit: Hernán Fratto

    ISEP congratulates alumnus and board member Hernán Fratto on winning three Emmy awards at the 64th Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards Gala Hernán won in the following categories: Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering - Societal Concerns News; Outstanding Achievement for News Special; and Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering - Military News.

    Having studied on exchange to Northwestern State University in Louisiana while he was a student at Universidad del Salvador, Hernán credits his ISEP experience with teaching him the importance of following your passions and not being afraid to take risks

    If you missed Hernán’s interview with ISEP CEO and President John Lucas, you can watch it by logging into your account here:

    ¡Felicidades, Hernán!

  • 18 Dec 2022 10:00 AM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    ISEP is excited to announce the return of in-person events!  These events provide an opportunity for alumni to network and and share stories of their experiences and time abroad.  Current and prospective ISEP students, supporters, as well as university and community partners are also welcome to attend.

    Alumni gathered at the Bohemian Spirit Restaurant, located at the Bohemian National Hall (an important center for Czech & Slovak cultures) in Manhattan, to get to know each other and hear about their study abroad experiences.  Big thanks to Petr Vrba, an ISEP alumnus from the Czech Republic who recently completed an internship at the United Nations, for the recommendation.  

    Don't worry if you missed the event.  There will be more events to come in 2023, including meetups in London, Seoul, California, and Washington, DC. If you are interested in helping with an in person event in your city, please reach out so we can chat about it.   


  • 29 Nov 2022 12:00 PM | Tavon Cooke (Administrator)

    Said Ghneim, from Bielefeld University and currently on exchange at Washington State University with an ISEP Community Scholarship, took the time to update us on some local travel he did during Thanksgiving Break. 

    In a recent interview with ISEP, Said mentioned he wants to be an English teacher, and came to the US to improve his English and cultural understanding.  He said that study abroad xperiences are critical and can help young people immerse themselves in a new environment,

    Which in turn helps students gain experiences which can have a huge positive impact on their future and the decisions they make. 

    Thank you, Said, for sharing these great pics! 

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